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Congrats to our scholarship winners and seniors!

Outstanding Rookie Coed: Curtis Lewis
Outstanding Rookie Pom: Leilani Borst
Outstanding Senior Coed: Karissa Fogel
HMBBA Cheer Alumni Winners: Female Coed: Karissa Fogel
Male Coed: Nick Bailey
HMBBA Scholarship: Hannah Tripp
Bucheit Scholarship: Sarah Madsen
Graduating Seniors: Karisaa Fogel, Siobhan Brosnan, Kaleb Lora, Tony Apfelbeck, Jean Blatchford, and Matthew Bannerman .

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Check out the Team Bios!

This years team bios are in!

click the “Meet the Team” tab and pick a roster

Not sure what happened but pom is not listed under the meet the team tab here’s a link in the mean time.

Pom 2012-2013

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I was wait listed, what do I do?

I was wait listed, what do I do?
I haven’t heard if I have been accepted, can I tryout still?
I was denied acceptance, can I get help?

If you have been wait listed, have not been notified of acceptance status or have been denied admittance to the University of Washington please contact Spirit Coordinator: Shermin to discuss options:

Don’t give up yet! Can’t wait to see you at tryouts!
Go Huskies!!!

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Tryouts Teaser promo

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