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2015-2016 Tryout Results!

Congratulations to the newly selection 2015-2016 University of Washington Cheer and Dance Team!!! Thank you so much for everyone who auditioned for our program. We will have our first Full Program meeting on Wednesday, May 6th at 5:30pm in the Marv Harshman Court in Alaska Airlines Arena. Please email to confirm your acceptance! We look forward to a wonderful season! GO HUSKIES!!!

Coed Cheer (Female)

Candidate # – Name

1 – Veronica S.
2 – Paige S.
6 – Nikki B.
8 – Jackie L.
10 – Madelyn L.
11 – Tessa L.
12 – Caroline M.
14 – Cassidy B.
16 – Jade C.
18 – Brittany K.
20 – Randi M.
21 – Lindsy R.
17 – Kristin W. (Alternate)
25 – Adelyn R. (Alternate)

Coed Cheer (Male)

Candidate # – Name

31 – Timothy D.
32 – Joey M.
33 – Sebastian C.
34 – Jacob O.
35 – Beau B.
36 – Morya ...

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I was wait listed, what do I do?

I was wait listed, what do I do?
I haven’t heard if I have been accepted, can I tryout still?
I was denied acceptance, can I get help?

If you have been wait listed, have not been notified of acceptance status or have been denied admittance to the University of Washington please contact Spirit Coordinator: Shermin to discuss options:

Don’t give up yet! Can’t wait to see you at tryouts!
Go Huskies!!!

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Tryouts Teaser promo

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